August 20, 2013

can't sleep?

went to tampere few weeks ago to celebrate bff's big five-o. i stayed at hotel villa, which is definitely the coolest hotel i've ever been to. 

this creature stared at me from the wall opposite the bed...


  1. Hi, just popped over after reading your comment on Linda Sue's blog at Walk the Dog. Nice meeting you. I see your other blog is more active. I'm a Canadian of Finnish descent and my son and his wife were just visiting Helsinki last week. They are now in Copenhagen at a conference. I still have a pen pal in Helsinki. She works at the Finnish National Theatre. I've never been to Finland but perhaps one day...

    1. hi dolores, nice meeting you too.

      sorry for the late reply, it's been one of those weeks... certain someone has cousins in toronto and parry sound, we went to visit them 2 yrs ago, great trip! you should start planning and make your trip happen!


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